Emanuele Guidotti

  • Graduated in Physics (2015) and in Quantitative Finance (2017), both with honors at the University of Milan.
  • Member of the YUIMA Project aimed at developing a complete environment for estimation and simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations and other Stochastic Processes. The Project has been funded up to 2010 by the Japan Science Technology (JST) Basic Research Programs PRESTO.
  • Speaker at several international conferences and seminars, including the R/Finance Conference 2017 held in Chicago and seminars at the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo.
  • Current PhD student in Empirical Asset Pricing at the University of Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.
  • Partner of AlgoFinance Sagl, software house start-up developing financial algorithms for the asset management industry. Company based in Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Founder of the innovative start-up WhatsOut Srl, web application enhanced by AI.
  • Collaborated with VOICES from the Blogs, innovative Company dealing with Big Data, Data Analysis and Sentimenti Analysis, based on deep knowledge of data science, computer science and statistics.
  • Developer of the yuimaGUI. R Shiny application providing the Graphical User Interface of the yuima package for simulation and inference of SDEs and other stochastic processes. The software has been presented at several international conferences on computational statistics. Over 5.000 downloads.
  • Developer of the RblDataLicense package, interfacing R with the Bloomberg Data License service. In order to download prices and market data, a valid license is needed. This software and its author are in no way affiliated, endorsed, or approved by Bloomberg or any of its affiliates. Bloomberg is a registered trademark.
  • Designer and developer of several websites including WhatsOut. Web application enhanced by AI with over 20.000 visits per month.