WhatsOut Srl

WhatsOut is the Web Application helping users to find new ideas and events according to their style, in every city and for any category of interest. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform reads and geolocates the events in order to make them available in the suitable sections. Events are imported from public sources or inserted by the Business who have signed up. Public sources are accurately chosen and Business verified in order to enhance the quality of the platform.

The Mission is that of providing the leading platform to:

  • Help business marketing their events with ease, saving time and focusing on what really matters
  • Help people finding their favorite events, new experiences and opportunities

Both the technology and business model are highly scalable and can be exported worldwide with ease. At present, the effort is put into reaching active users in all the Italian cities by the end of 2019.

The internet is not and will never be enough. People crave in-person experiences. The opportunity to travel somewhere else, meet someone new, learn something different is an irreplaceable experience — and the good news is that it’s growing.

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